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Will my boss really go for this?

Europeans have been doing this for decades!  And the results are in - job sharing leads to happier employers, happier employees, and most importantly - it gets results!  Increased productivity, engagement, retention, and customer satisfaction makes for a more successful business.  


We can help you make a business case to present to your manager or employer that will be undeniable.  All you need now is the right partner!

How can two people manage together?

If CEO's and Presidents can job share - so can you!  With some tips and best practices, and maybe a little coaching, you and your job share partner can learn how to effectively manage teams together - frequent communication, similar work ethic and trajectory, solidarity, and complimentary skills & styles are key!

We offer resources and coaching on how to make your job share a resounding success. 

What happens if one person leaves?

When an employee leaves, typically, the employer is left hanging.  With a job share, not so.  One employee remains (either still part time, or perhaps ready to fill the void) who maintains the client and corporate knowledge.  Clients and staff have continuity.

And when you're ready to fill the missing role, we're always here to help, with a database of qualified candidates who you can pre-screen for compatibility.  The remaining partner can train their new job share partner, and hardly miss a beat.

Less downtime, reduced turnover cost, built-in succession. What's not to love?

What about benefits?

Depending on your employer, you may find that you are able to get full benefits for each partner.  In other cases, you may negotiate having pro rated benefits based on how much you work.  


And vacation time? Well, with a partner to back you up, and shared work goals - your vacation time just got a whole lot easier, not to mention that you can finally put that phone down and enjoy the time away so that you can come back rested and energized.


We take this all into account when preparing your pitch.  And we can help educate your employer on the benefits for them.

Do I still get my own office?

Typically, job sharers will have some overlap where both people are in the office together 1-2 days a week.  This may mean two computers and two desks in one office, perhaps a shared e-mail account.  Or not - it all depends on the nature of your job and your partnership. 


We offer coaching services to help you set your partnership up for success.

How do I know if this is right for me?

There are a few keys to making job sharing work:

1. Communication, Communication, and Communication.

2. Oh, did we mention, Communication.

3. There are a few other things too - but we can get to those later... 

Have a look through our testimonials, and decide for yourself if job sharing is right for you.

Two employees will cost more

Yes, two employees cost more than one.  In the case of two employees each working 60%, two people would cost 120%.  BUT, the studies show that job shares have higher productivity than their solo peers, they are refreshed and engaged when in the office, and maximize their time better, they provide greater customer service through increased availability, they have few, if any sick days, can cover each others vacation time, have way lower incidence of burnout... oh, and did we mention - with complimentary skillsets, they come up with more and better ideas than their solo peers too.  (And we have some ideas on pricing models too. Just sayin')

That sounds like a steal of a deal.