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Are You An Employer?

Where to begin? 

How will we maintain our bottom line?  What do we do about benefits?

HR Administration? Technology? Offices? 

We know you have questions.  We have answers.

Fit Testing

We know that hiring is a big deal and turnover has a serious impact on the bottom line.

We've done the research and have tools to make sure you are getting the right people.

Hiring two people for one job involves a lot of complexity: not only do the job sharers have to fit, they have to fit with their manager(s) and their team(s).

We can help.

Policy Creation

Does your company have a flexible work & job sharing policy? 

Become an employer of choice by letting employees know you care about their needs.

Moms juggling leaves and responsibilities; millennials who crave way better work life  balance; and boomers looking for phased retirements...


Let us show you how helping them help you too.


How can two people possibly share a job that involves managing people and/or large amounts of information?

Sounds impossible, right?

We can tell you that CEO's have done it and prime ministers have done it, but we'd rather just show you how. 

It doesn't just work - it works even better.

Let our coaches make sure your team doesn't miss a beat.


Does your company need to review its flexible work policies?

Have you taken the plunge, and maybe things need some tweaking? 

Have you figured out just how to adapt your pricing models or administrative policies to suit job sharing pairs?

Need some help negotiating employment contracts for pairs?

We can help.

Are You An Employee?

Will my employer ever really go for this?

How do I apply for a job share? How do I find my job share partner? Do I still get my benefits? How does it all work?

Take a deep breath.  It's going to be awesome.


Find Your Perfect Partner

Finding your perfect job share partner involves knowing all about you: your skills & your experience, but also who you are - your life, your family, your ambitions, passions and needs.

We help find your matches through online profiles, industry meet-ups and speed dating events.

We even have personality testing that can ensure you and your potential partner will work like a well oiled machine.

Don't you wish you had that when you met your last boyfriend?

Apply for the Dream Job

Have a job and want to share? Need a job but need some flex?

The first step is creating your online profile with us (coming soon) to search job boards posted by employers and those looking for shares.

Then we'll help you design a sure to impress shared resume with your partner. 

Next, we'll help you create a business case you can take to your employer with a deal they can't refuse.  (Or we'll pitch it for you - we've got practice.)

Easy peasy.

Design Your Perfect Balance

You've got the offer, but have you thought through how this is all going to work?

We can help you negotiate the terms of your share with your job share partner.  

When you get promoted, or one person moves on, we'll be right there so you don't miss a beat.

We have coaches to help you design your partnership, and give you all the tools you need to succeed.

For you DIY'ers, we have blogs, articles, resources and learnings, all at your fingertips.

Live the Dream.

Yes, really.

You're on your way.

Along the way, we know you could use someone in your corner.  Advice, coaching, resources, learnings and best practices from the folks with the battle scars.

As we grow, we'll even have events and forums for you to discuss and learn about how your company or pair stacks up and what you can do to make the most of it. 

Be a spokesperson and offer to mentor for others starting out.


Yes, you can.