two heads for

the price of one


Two employees who communicate about every project and bounce ideas off each other leads to way better ideas and execution.

Two Heads for the Price of One

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Pairing up returning moms or millennials with senior staffers can help bring greater diversity to your workforce while simultaneously helping your employees be more satisfied and fulfilled. 

Improved Diversity

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Two people means someone can be on call at all times without burning anyone out.  Pairs can be arranged so that each covers sick days, vacations and leaves for their partners, meaning no downtime for the employer.

Improved Customer Service

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Employees who have time to handle their personal affairs are much more focused at work.  When they're on, they're on.  And the loyalty that comes from their employers support is priceless.

Employee Engagement

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Do you have high performing senior staff with decades of knowledge in their heads.  Job sharing is THE solution to making sure that corporate knowledge is retained.

Effective Succession Planning


Studies show that job share pairs are 20% more productive than their solo colleagues.  

Increased Productivity

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With ample opportunity to handle personal affairs, job sharers take little to no sick days, come back from covered vacations truly rested (and often cover each other's vacations,) and suffer way less burnout than their solo colleagues.

Reduced Turnover

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Job sharers and their managers report that they are totally focused on the task when at work.  Their collaboration results in better ideas and better customer services, leading to greater results for you and your clients.

Improved Bottom Line

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Millennials, baby boomers and returning moms all look for flexibility as one of their top criteria in job selection.  Will you be their employer of choice?

Employer of Choice