what's in it for me?


Do you have a career that demands 110% of your time?  You love it, but  wish you had a clone?  Job Sharing can help you advance your career and work less at the same time.

Make Life Manageable

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Little kids? Aging Parents? Dependents with special needs? Job Sharing could finally be the answer that lets you have a challenging career while balancing your other responsibilities.

Family Matters


Refocusing on your career after kids or a break? Partnering up in a Job Share could be a great way to get your career back on track.

Lean Back In


Job Sharing is a great way to be able to set boundaries on your work day to make sure you have time for the things you love.

Work Life Balance


Starting to think about your next step but not ready to give up the career you love just yet? Why not gear down slowly - time to start to enjoy your passions while staying challenged at the same time.

Phased Retirement


Are you on a mission to make social impact or start your own business? Job Sharing is a great way to maintain a steady income while working on your other projects at the same time.

Side Hustle